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Ong Siow Sian/ Chia Siew Lay

Chia Siew Lay was Chia Hood Theam’s daughter, and the elder sister of grand-pa Chia Keng Tye.

Siew Lay (died 11th March 1941, age 45 years) was buried together with husband Ong Siow Sian (Wang Shao Xian, died 24th April 1964, age 72 years). Ong Siow Sian’s father was Ong Soon Tee, and his grand-father Ong Ewe Hai.

This grave is marked with stake #1078, and is therefore on the Exhumation List, and is located in Blk 5, Div B across the road from Chia Hood Theam’s grave in Blk 1 (refer to the LTA map below) and not very far away from paternal grand-father Chia Keng Tye’s grave at Blk 5, Div C.

GPS location of this grave before exhumation is 1.33635N 103.82121E (standard accuracy about 30m), and it’s about 100m from the grave of Chia Keng Tye and wife, on the same side of the road, and leading towards the main gate.

  1. cc chia permalink

    I’ll be attending the exhumation on 21st Feb 2014 starting from 8:30am, and the remains will be later installed at the Choa Chu Kang columbarium in niche# E0312-271, which translates to Blk E, level 3, room 12, niche# 271.

    The names of the deceased are registered in their pinyin names of Wang Shao Sian and Xie Shou Li, but I have requested their English names to be included in the inscription on the niche marble slab.

  2. Michael Wee permalink

    thank you for preparing this page. I am son of Ong Cheng Neo (married Wee Swee Hock) who is the daughter of Chia Siew Lay (married Ong Siow Sian). Regards Michael Wee

  3. CC Chia permalink

    Thanks for your comments, Michael. We have not met, but my mom and I have met your mother before.
    Do you still have contact with your uncle Choon Bee and your cousin Alan?

    Now that you have discovered where your grand-parents are located in CCK columbarium, perhaps you could let the other family members who are interested, to know about it, in case they wish to visit the niche.

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