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E. Tean Choon

E. Tean Choon was the husband of Chia Buay Neo (who was Chia Keng Chin’s daughter). Therefore he was the husband of my aunt. His grave is on the Exhumation List, and is marked with a wooden stake #2612.

grave of E. Tean Choon #2612

余天春 [yu tian chun] E Tean Choon (perhaps should be spelled Ee Tian Choon as in the Chia family tree?)

E. Tean Choon died on 3 April 1938, at the age of 28, less than two years after he married Chia Buay Neo. He had two children, son Willy E. Kean Leong and daughter Margaret E.

The tomb structure is rather Western, and on the headstone are the words:

In the prime of his life death claimed him, In the pride of his manhood days, none knew him but to love him, None mention his name but with praise.

The grave is located half-way up the slope, at Blk4 section C. It is on the left of the road about 40m uphill.

GPS location of this grave is 1.340360N, 103.827843E.

  1. I have completed and filled in the exhumation form at Bt Brown, in the absence and on behalf of Ee Tian Choon’s (Yu Tian Chun in pinyin) family members.

    The Cremation/Exhumation permit number is B00000225863, date of application 12 April 2012, and work will probably commence in one or two years time. The columbarium and niche assigned by NEA are at:- Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, Blk E, level 03, Rm 14, niche# 121 (CCK E0314-121).

    • Sugen permalink

      Greetings to you sir, i was astound by the tomb of Mr Ee Tian Choon, I am very intrigued when you mention ‘in the absence’, would you be able to feed me with some information? Thank You!

  2. cc chia permalink

    Exhumation for this grave has been scheduled by LTA for 9th June 2014 at 8:30am.

  3. CC Chia permalink

    Latest update, the date for exhumation of this grave (peg# 2612) has been brought forward to Friday 21st Feb, together with the two other graves (pegs# 1078 and 1802). These 3 graves will be exhumed all on the same day.

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