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Circle of Relationships

This is the what I call the “Circle of Relationships” among the prominent families in early Singapore, from my perspective. That is, looking from the point of view from my great-grand father Chia Hood Theam, and my grand father Chia Keng Tye as the starting point of this complex web of inter-connections. Several of these well-known names have graves located in Bt. Brown.

In those days (1800s to early 1900s), looks like marriage prospects of the well-to-do Singaporean families were limited; marriage of their children were mostly confined to the tight-knit social circles of the day. In the attached PPT chart, the central figures are Chia Hood Theam, Lee Choon Guan, Tan Keong Saik, Lim Nee Soon, Kwa Siew Tee and Lim Tua Tow.

Circle of Relationships at Bt Brown2  (this file is best viewed online or after downloaded, using the Power Point app from Microsoft on your Mac or PC)

Notes :

  • Lee Choon Guan married to Tan Teck Neo (Tan Keong Saik‘s daughter)
  • Lim Nee Soon‘s son (Lim Chong Pang) married to Lee Poh Neo (Lee Choon Guan’s daughter)
  • Grand-son of Tan Keong Saik (Tan Soon Keng) married to Lee Poh Choo (another of Lee Choon Guan’s daughters)
  • Daughter of Tan Soon Keng (Irene Tan) married to Chia Chin Siang (grand-son of Chia Hood Theam)
  • Lim Tuan Neo (Lim Tua Tow’s daughter) married to Chia Keng Tye (Chia Hood Theam‘s son)
  • Kwa Soon Chuan (Kwa Siew Tee’s son) #(1) married to Ivy Lim (Lim Chong Pang‘s daughter)
  • Kwa Geok Choo (Kwa Siew Tee’s daughter) married to Lee Kuan Yew #(2)

#(1) Kwa Siew Tee’s son Kwa Soon Hock is buried in Bt Brown

#(2) Lee Kuan Yew’s grand-father Lee Hoon Leong is buried in Bt Brown

The names of those persons above, marked in orange are buried in Bt Brown cemetery

Alternatively, use this link from to view the PPT file   Circle of Relationships at Bt Brown2.pptx

(may sometimes be slow, and have to wait awhile for the file transfer to complete, before the image appears on the computer screen).

Many thanks to Raymond Goh for helping in the research,  and for advice and details of some of the listed names and their offspring.


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