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Chia Siew Tin/ Cheong Koon Seng

Bt Brown pictures of Chia Siew Tin gravesite

Mdm Chia Siew Tin was my grand father’s (Chia Keng Tye) sister and therefore also my grand aunt.

Refer to the Chia family tree here :-

Mdm Chia married Cheong Koon Seng, and their graves are also in Bt Brown at Blk 2, Section C.

The GPS co-ordinates of the grave are :-

N 01 deg 20.280’    E 103 deg 49.340’    (or in metric, N1.33800 E103.82233)

elevation: -5m

This is a photo of their graves, after surrounding vegetation was cleared recently.

Mr & Mrs Cheong Koon Seng

Another photo, showing Mdm Chia’s (Mrs Cheong Koon Seng) grave on its own.

Notice the ornate carvings and the lion sculpture on each side of the tomb, guarding it. However, there is the absence of photos of the deceased on the tombstones, which were present on both my grand-parents’ and my great-grand parents’ grave stones.

Mdm Chia Siew Tin’s grave

Here’s a clearer picture of the Chinese inscriptions found on Mdm Chia’s grave stone.

The translation of the Chinese inscriptions [pronunciation in pinyin], starting with the top 2 horizontal characters and the central vertical  main text of 11 characters as follows :-

澄海 Is the place of origin or home village of the husband’s (CKS) family in China : HaiTeng in Fujian province. The same 2 characters also appear on the tombstones of all the family members (CKS, his mother and children).

1. 顯 [xian] = late

2. 妣 [bi] = mother

3. 諡 [shi]  = posthumous title

4. 秀 middle name: Siew

5. 珍 name: Tin

6. 鍾 husband’s family surname: Cheong

7. 門 [men] Door = Family of

8. 謝 [xie] maiden family name Chia

9. 氏 [shi]  family (denotes that it is mother’s Family name, above)

10. 夀 [shou] longevity

11. 域 [yu] domain  (characters 10+11 combined = tomb)

Right column, date of death:

民 Republic of China 42th yr

國 (= 1911+42= 1953)

四 十 二  : 42

           : year

二 月      : lunar 2nd month

初           : lunar day

三 日     : 3rd day

Therefore Mdm Chia Siew Tin died on year 1953, and lunar 2nd month, 3rd day. After conversion to Gregorian date using the following website: 

        her date of death becomes 17th March, 1953.

Left column lists all her sons, daughters and grandchildren’s names in Chinese characters.

The names of the children of Mr & Mrs Cheong Koon Seng in English are shown on the left panel of the combined tomb of the couple. In addition, the name “Chia Siew Tin” is shown in English characters next to Mdm Chia’s tombstone on the same panel that contains the names of her 5 children, the children from CKS’s 1st wife and also their adopted children.

The names of CKS’s  3 sons that are inscribed on this grave-stone are :

Cheong Hock Chye (from 1st wife), Cheong Hock Guan and Cheong Hock Leng.

The names of CKS’s 6 daughters inscribed on the grave-stone are:

Keong Poh, Keong Tee, Keong Tuan, Keong Hee, Keong Aik and Keong Heok.

In addition, this cluster of graves  includes the grave of CKS’s mother, Mrs Cheong Ann Bee.

Mrs Cheong Ann Bee’s grave, and the detail photo listing in English, of her children and some of her grand-children, is shown below in the following 2 photos.

Mrs Cheong Ann Bee’s grave (CKS’s mother) at the same location

Names of Mrs Cheong Ann Bee’s children

Another closeup photo, this time showing CKS’s grave-stone on its own, with a clearer picture of the inscription in Chinese, after the vegetation was cleared around the grave recently.

Closeup of CKS grave-stone

The proposed road misses this grave by less than 50m, and there are only one to two rows of other graves between this grave and the road to be built thru Bt Brown. The following series of photos show the site and its surrounding area in more detail.

1}. The first photo shows the graves of  Mr & Mrs Cheong Koon Seng (arrowed) as seen from the road.

2}. The next photo shows the grave labelled A, which is to the right of the graves of  Mr & Mrs Cheong Koon Seng (arrowed).

series of photos taken on 15th March 2012

3}. These graves about 50m away in the distance and to the right of grave A, are marked for removal, as shown with the wooden stakes.

series of photos taken on 15th March 2012

  1. eric cheong permalink

    Chia Siew Tin passed away 17th March 1953.

  2. Thanks Eric. I have made the corrections to the date. Looks like I could not add properly (1911+42= 1953 and not 1954).

  3. Melanie permalink

    CKS is the 4th gen of Cheong family and is my great-granduncle of my maternal side. His dad who was Malacca-born came to Singapore at the age of 10, as recorded.

  4. Cheong Koon Tian permalink

    Interesting! CKS is my great-granduncle. My great-great grandpa, Cheong Ang Guan, is brother to CKS’s father, Cheong Ang Bee, and is the only brother that remained back in Malacca. To be exact, CKS is the 4th generation of the Cheong family residing in Malaysia/Singapore.

    • cc chia permalink

      Koon Tian, in that case you are also quite closely related to Melanie and Eric.

    • Melanie permalink

      Hi, Ko-ko Koon Tian, i am Kho-Chik Tanjong’s youngest daughter. We are ching-lang to CC Chia through married. I had the chance to visit CKS, wife & mum’s (Mrs Ann Bee) graves in Bukit Brown Sgp.
      As written in the “The Baba of Melaka”, our granduncle, Sian Chiang went to Ayer Molek family burial ground to locate for our GGgrandpa, Koh Boon’s grave but failed. My info source told me, Koh Boon’s grave could be in the same plot of graveyard but they have not explored deeper inside the jungle.
      CC Chia once gave me the Chia family tree when i was finding info on CKS via Sgp Heritage Bukit Brown FB.

      Hi Chia, thanks for connecting us via this channel. I am cousin to Koon Tian.
      I was told by Raymond Goh, he has yet to explore deepeer to locate grave of Koh Boon (CKS’ grandpa who is also my GGgrandpa)


      • Cheong Koon Tian permalink

        Swee Choon, Melanie

        Sorry for late response to your comments.

        According to Alex Cheong, Koh (or Koe) Boon’s wife, Yeo Cheng Neo, was buried at Thompson Road. Wondering whether you have visited her grave.
        As to Koh Boon’s grave, could it still be at Semabok, Malacca where he was interred and not to Ayer Molek where his parents’ remains were reinterred to? It would be nice to know for acertain where his remains are. And so also to find out more of our forebears.

  5. Melanie, could you give me your contact, all of us on CKS side of the family are curious as to who you are and the conection. You may contact me via my mobile: 91116621.
    eric cheong

  6. Hi everyone,

    May I find out if Cheong Ann Bee is related to Cheong Ann Jan (father of Cheong Swee Whatt) in anyway?

    Cheong Ann Jan is my 4th great grand-father.


    • cc chia permalink

      Aaron, do not have any idea if Cheong Ann Jan is related to Cheong Ann Bee. Will leave it to Cheong family direct descendants to comment.

      Based on the graves found at Bt Brown recently by Raymond Goh, it has been discovered that Cheong Ann Bee was buried with his first wife in another part of the cemetery. The grave of Mrs Cheong Ann Bee that is next to Chia Siew Tin/Cheong Koon Seng is actually the second wife.

  7. Melanie Koh permalink

    Dear all,
    Ann Guan (my maternal GGgrandfather), Ann Jian, Ann Bee & Ann Seng are siblings.


  8. eric cheong permalink

    Hello Melanie, if you are looking to contact CKS’s family here in Singapore, give me a call and we can arrange to meet up. I am the grandson of CKS. Two of CKS’s daughters are still alive and very well, and very willing to meet “long lost relatives”. I can be contacted at mobile: 91116621 or email:
    eric cheong

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