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Battle of Bt Brown

Here is a video documentary that covers the World War II battles at Bukit Brown.

The documentary is shot by battlefield archaeologist Jon Cooper on site at Bukit Brown Cemetery today, juxtaposed against war photographs. Jon Cooper is the battlefield archaeologist behind the project on the Battle of Adam Park, now the subject of an exhibition at NLB.

“Long revered as one of Singapore’s most colorful heritage sites, Bukit Brown Cemetery is more than just a resting ground for the island state’s greatest pioneers; it was also the site of a furious battle over the fate of the island between Japanese and Allied troops during WWII. My name is Jon Cooper, I am a battlefield archaeologist working to uncover the forgotten human stories behind the Battle For Singapore.”

Watch it on YouTube:

Discovered by Raymond Goh recently :-

Communal Grave at Bt Brown

Another legacy of Bukit Brown as a heritage park, this time with reference to WWII. During WW2 during Japanese occupation, BBHP was used as a war cemetery as well, with many dead civilians and skeletons being dumped into communal trench. After discussing with the son of an 89 year old BB tomb keeper, he pinpointed the exact location of one such communal trench, near ID stake 2887. It was a big pit, he said, where bodies were dumped and then covered up during the war occupation time. True enough we can see a big depression there. This pit is at the path of the proposed highway and is after the second valley in Hill 4. The other communal trench is at the first valley nearer to Lornie Road, he said
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