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Some of the Chia family members have moved to Jln Senyum

November 26, 2015

Chia Hood Theam’s father (Chia Leong Chuan, refer to details at died in 1889 and was buried in what is now known as Bishan Park. That area was probably part of Bt Brown in the old days but all the graves have been exhumed a long time ago.

Chia Leong Chuan’s remains are now at the Chinese temple in Jln Senyum, at Blk 30 (D13) niche #1812.

After the highway cutting through Bt Brown (work in progress) is completed, what’s next?

It is anticipated that the rest of Bt Brown graves will be exhumed in 10 to 20 years time to make way for housing development.

The bookings for additional niches at Jln Senyum temple have already been made, so that the ashes of the remains of Chia Hood Theam, Yeo Lan Neo, Chia Keng Tye and Lim Tuan Neo can be moved there any time soon. The remains will be located at Blk 22B niches #27, 28, 25, 26 respectively.

In addition, some of the other Chia and related family members (spouses) already at the Jln Senyum temple are :-

Elsie Chia Sek Neo – Blk 26 B, niche #11

Irene and Bok Chia Chin Siang – Blk 36 B, niches #12 and #13 respectively

Teddy Ong (husband of Daisy Chia) – Blk 36 A, niche #14

Maggie Chia Sian Neo – Blk 26 B, niche #10

Lee Cheng Yan – Blk 30, niche #1814

Wee Guat Neo – Blk 30, niche #1815

Lee Choon Guan – Blk 30, niche #1816






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  1. chai permalink

    Actually the Jln Senyum location where the urns are stored is not really a temple, but a Buddhist Union.

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