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Exhumations on 21st Feb 2014

February 23, 2014

On Friday the 21st of February, three graves of Chia family members were exhumed at Bt Brown. The first grave was of Mdm Tan (Chen Jian Rou) who died in 1863. She was the great-grand mother of paternal great-grand father Chia Hood Theam.

The grave digger started to unearth the tomb

The grave digger started to unearth the tomb


After about an hour of digging, the remains which were contained in an earthern jar which was buried only 3 ft deep, were transferred into the red container at the left of this photo


The remains were then washed in wine before being transferred to a plastic box for transporting to the crematorium

The next grave to be exhumed belonged to E Tean Choon who died in April of 1938 and whose tomb was located at Blk4, Div C. He was the husband of Chia Buay Neo, daughter of my paternal grand-uncle Chia Keng Chin.

When the wooden coffin was unearthed, only a few very small bone fragments, an intact molar, a gold tooth and some metal fittings from the coffin were found.

E Tean Choon’s photo taken from his grave stone

The grave digger starting to unearth the tomb

The grave digger starting to unearth the tomb of E Tean Choon

Finally the graves of my grand father’s sister, Chia Siew Lay and her husband Ong Siow Sian were unearthed. This grave was located not far from where my paternal grand father Chia Keng Tye is still buried at Blk 5. Chia Siew Lay died in March 1941, and her husband died in 1964.


Only Mr Ong’s photo was still visible on the grave stone, while Mdm Chia’s photo was completely faded.

cDSC03213 cDSC03215 cDSC03223 cDSC03233

I was witness to these 3 exhumations, and subsequent collection of the ashes on the same day at the crematorium, and later installation of the urns at the Choa Chu Kang columbarium.


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  1. CC Chia permalink

    These are the locations of the final resting places of the 3 exhumed graves from Bt Brown, moved to the Choa Chua Kang Columbarium :-
    Mdm Tan (Chen Jian Rou) CCK Blk E 2nd Flr Rm9 niche 125
    E Tean Choon CCK Blk E 3rd Flr Rm14 niche 121
    Chia Siew Lay & Ong Siow Sian CCK Blk E 3rd Flr Rm12 niche 271

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