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Mdm Tan (d.1863) buried at Bt Brown

January 4, 2014

Six generations of Chia family ancestors buried at Bt Brown! This was my gr-gr-gr-gr-grand mother, since she was the gr-grand mother of my paternal gr-grand father Chia Hood Theam, who is still buried at Bt Brown, but for how long more?

photo taken by Beng Tang

photo taken by Beng Tang

A lonely tomb, soon to be exhumed. A forgotten ancestor, newly discovered but only for a fleeting moment as it is marked to be bull-dozed to make way for a road.

GPS location of this grave is 1.337630N, 103.823921E.

From the burial register, the full name of Mdm Tan is  陳 檢 柔 or in pinyin “chen jian rou”.

When converted to Hokien pronunciaton, this name could be either

Tan Giam Loh or Tan Giam Lek.

  1. cc chia permalink

    I’ll be attending the exhumation on 21st Feb 2014 starting from 8:30am, and the remains will be later installed at the Choa Chu Kang columbarium in niche# E0209-125.

  2. cc chia permalink

    E0209-125 translates to Blk E, level 2, room 9, niche# 125.

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