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Grave of Mdm Tan (grand-ma of Chia Leong Chuan)

January 4, 2014

Thanks once again to Raymond for discovery of the grave of Mdm Tan, who was the mother of Chia Kay Tuan (therefore the grand-ma of Chia Leong Chuan and also great-grand-ma of Chia Hood Theam). Unfortunately this grave is marked with stake number 1802, therefore it is slated for exhumation.

photo taken by Raymond Goh

photo taken by Raymond Goh


This is definitely the oldest Chia family ancestor found so far at Bt Brown. Based on Raymond’s translation of the tomb inscriptions, it was determined that Mdm Tan died in 1863, and listed the names of Leong Chuan, Leong Kiat and Hood Theam.

前宅 (same ancestral village as Hood Theam)
2nd year of Tongzhi reign (1863)
顕祖妣 – Honorable grandmother

儉柔 (posthumous)
謝門陳孺人墓 Mdm Tan, Chia family

隆全 – Leong Chuan
隆𠍇 – Leong Kiat

佛添 – Hood Theam

Since the name of Mdm Tan’s son Kay Tuan is not mentioned on the gravestone, it is surmised that she outlived her son; therefore only the grandsons and great grandson (Hood Theam was only just born at the time of her death) are listed. It is not known where Kay Tuan was buried, but most likely he brought only his mother out from China before he died, then perhaps went back to China and was buried there.

Additional photos taken by Beng Tang at the gravesite, enhanced in order to make the inscriptions more legible.

IMGP1802g mdmTan_1802c

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  1. CC Chia permalink

    Latest information received, is that both Mdm Tan and her son Chia Kay Tuan were both buried in Tiong Bahru graveyard. Their graves were later exhumed, and while Mdm Tan’s remains were moved to Bt Brown, the remains of Kay Tuan could have been moved to some other unknown location, perhaps a temple urn.

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