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Grave of Song Chit Neo (wife of Chia Leong Chuan)

May 12, 2013

Thanks to Raymond Goh and Peter Pak, who discovered today, the grave of Song Chit Neo (2nd wife of my great-great-grand pa, Chia Leong Chuan) at Lao Sua near the PIE.

Song Chit Neo (1858-1911) is the mother of Chia Lim Neo, who was step-mother and step-sister respectively, of my great-grand pa, Chia Hood Theam.

grave of Song Chit Neo

grave of Song Chit Neo

This grave with the elephants contains the oldest Chia ancestor found buried at Bt Brown area to date. My great-great-grandpa (Chia Leong Chuan, d:1889) had 6 children from two wives. He came to Singapore from China when a young man in the 1850s, in order to seek his fortune, together with his brother, Leong Kiat.  With hard work, he made it good here as shroff or comprador at Mercantile Bank.

From 1st wife “gemok”, Chia Leong Chuan had 5 children including my great-grand pa, his eldest son :-

(a) Chia Hood Theam (1863-1938) – grave located at Blk1 BBC

(b) Chia Hood Cheng

(c) Chia Hood Sang (1867-1925) – grave located at Blk1 BBC, near to his elder brother

(d) Chia Hood Teck

(e) Chia Wat Neo (1862-1953)

From 2nd wife Song Chit Neo, he had one daughter Chia Lim Neo (1875-1911) who married Ong Tek Lim and they had 3 sons.

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