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Bt Brown pictures of Yeo Lan Neo gravesite

January 24, 2012

These are my pictures of Yeo Lan Neo (my great-grand mother), the wife of Chia Hood Theam at the Bt Brown grave site. Her grave is next to Chia Hood Theam’s.

Born 10 March 1865,  died 27 July 1948

The GPS location of Yeo Lan Neo’s  gravesite at Bt Brown at Blk1, grave number 315B  is

N 01 deg 20.182’    E 103 deg 49.343’ (or in metric, N1.33637 E103.82238)

elevation: 83m

Great grand-mother’s (YEO Lan Neo) tombstone did not indicate her birth place, just this in translation from the inscription from Chinese to English:

Xian   顕 late

Bi 妣 mother

Yi 謚  in respect of (for lady only, male used 諱) **

Ling  鱗 middle name, Lan

Niang 娘 name, Neo

Xie 謝 married surname, Chia

Men 門 family

Yang  楊 Yeo (maiden surname)

Ru    孺 (these two characters are …

Ren   人      equiv of ‘gong’ for female)

Shou 壽, Yu 域. (domain of longevity)

The additional characters at the bottom of the inscriptions are just there to make up the total number of characters to either 6,7,11,12,16 or 17 which are auspicious and using feng shui principles.

.. location: Blk1, grave 315 B

Note: ** same principle as some Orthodox Christians cannot refer to God by name, but instead as YahWei or the special symbol (://:) found in the old bible; we cannot call our dead parents directly by name to show respect, since the grave stone was installed by the children of the deceased.

On closer inspection of the grave stones of both CHT & YLN, the characters 前宅 can barely by made out, flanking the photos of the deceased. Therefore, the 2 characters  前宅 (Qianzhai) denote the ancestral birthplace in Fujian, similar to that found on the grave stone of their son Chia Keng Tye.

Click here to view or download Yeo Lan Neo’s Bt Brown details in Microsoft Word Docx format.

The proposed road misses this grave by about 10-15m, and there is only one other grave between this grave and the road to be built thru Bt Brown, as shown in the following photo. The grave labelled A remains, while grave B which is marked with the wooden post (arrowed) will be exhumed, due to the proposed road construction.

grave of CHT and grave A remain, while grave B will be removed


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