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Bt Brown Map and pictures

January 23, 2012

This is the map of the site in pdf format, and the detail map below, shows location of the grave sites of Chia Hood Theam and his son Chia Keng Tye (my grandfather) at Bt Brown.

Detail Showing locations of CHT and CKT grave sites

This is the link to the Chia family tree.

Here’s the latest map of Bt Brown showing the “longkangs” or small streams running thru the site.

Longkangs in Bt Brown

Following are the photos of the roads or paths that you will see, when travelling towards the graves of CHT (Chia Hood Theam), CKT (Chia Keng Tye) and CKS/CST (Cheong Koon Seng/Chia Siew Tin).

The traffic island or round-about - when you see this, head straight down the road (to the left of the picture) and you will see CHT's grave on the right (by the side of the road) after about 50m.

Chia Hood Theam's grave as seen from the road.

Undergrowth next to Carpark D, which is straight ahead about 200m from the Bt Brown Main Gate entrance - the grave of CKT is about 25m inside the undergrowth

The exit loop road from Blk 2, only about 25m from the spot marked "C" (in red) on the map - go down this road to CKS/CST grave

This is the map showing the location of the graves of our Chia ancestors Chia Hood Theam (CHT), Chia Keng Tye (CKT) and Chia Siew Tin (CST) in relation to the proposed road on LTA’s recently released Bt Brown Exhumation Map.

The following is the LTA exhumation map showing the locations of the graves according to the LTA stake or peg numbering system.

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