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Bt Brown pictures of Chia Hood Theam gravesite

January 23, 2012

This is my collection of pictures of Chia Hood Theam’s  gravesite at the Bt Brown cemetery in Singapore.

Born February 1863,  Died 10 July 1938


The GPS location of Chia Hood Theam’s gravesite at Bt Brown at Blk1, grave number 314B  is

N 01 deg 20.182’    E 103 deg 49.343’    (or in metric, N1.33637 E103.82238)

elevation: 83m

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The Chinese characters on the tomb stone inscription are read from top down.

Huang 皇 I guess this character: 皇 denotes Imperial, instead of birthplace

in Fujian province due to civilian official rank in the Qing imperial court

Qing 淸 Qing Dynasty

Xian 显 combined with 考 = “late father
Kao 考

Wei 諱 respect the name below **
Fuo 佛 name = Hood
Tian 添 middle name = Theam
Xie 谢 Surname = Chia written last, in order to link to “gong” => Sir Xie

Gong  公 Sir

Zhi 之  the 3rd last character (modern Chinese is 的) is just a possessive article

Shou 壽, Yu 域. (domain of longevity)

The additional characters at the bottom of the inscriptions are just there to make up the total number of   characters to either 6,7,11,12,16 or 17 which are auspicious and using feng shui principles.
.. location: Blk1, grave 314 B

Note: ** same principle as some Orthodox Christians cannot refer to God by name, but instead as YahWei or the special symbol (://:) found in the old bible; we cannot call our dead parents directly by name to show respect, since the grave stone was installed by the children of the deceased.

On closer inspection of the grave stones of both CHT & YLN, the characters 前宅 can barely by made out, flanking the photos of the deceased. Therefore, the 2 characters  前宅 (Qianzhai) denote the ancestral birthplace in Fujian, similar to that found on the grave stone of their son Chia Keng Tye.

Click here to view or download Chia Hood Theam’s Bt Brown details in Microsoft Word Docx format.



The proposed road misses this grave by about 10-15m, and there is only one other grave between this grave and the road to be built thru Bt Brown, as shown in the following photo. The grave labelled A remains, while grave B which is marked with the wooden post (arrowed) will be exhumed, due to the proposed road construction.


grave of CHT and grave A remain, while grave B is to be removed due to the road

This is a closeup photo of the right half of the previous photo, showing grave A and grave B (which is marked for removal with the arrowed wooden stake).

series of photos taken on 15th March 2012

This photo shows the graves across the road from CHT’s grave which are all marked for removal.

series of photos taken on 15th March 2012

  1. Philip Chia permalink

    Very Well Done!!! Amazing ,you have all those gravesite pictures too!! 🙂

    • Thanks Philip. Some of the pictures are from cousin Barry, and I also went to Bt Brown myself in the beginning of January this year to get clearer photos of the Chinese inscriptions on Gr-grand father’s grave-stone. However have not found the graves of my grand-parents yet, as that area is overgrown with heavy vegetation.

      Will be going down to Bt Brown again probably some time next month.

      – chian chai

  2. eric cheong permalink

    Hello Chian Chai, wonderful work and lovely photos. Let me know when you next intend to go to Bukit Brown, I would like to join you (if I am in town).

    eric cheong

    • Thank you, Eric. I have made the corrections that you pointed out to the date of death of Mdm Chia Siew Tin.

      I’ll probably go to Bt Brown sometime in May or June after the Cheng Beng festivities are over. In the meantime, hopefully those family members who wish to visit the ancestral tombs will find it easier to do so with the maps, GPS coords and photos that I have provided.

      Perhaps you could send me your contact details separately, so that I can let you know closer to the date of our next visit.

  3. Alan permalink

    I was trying to access the family tree, but was prompted to put in a ID and password? How do I register to gain access. I’m Alan Chia, gandson of Chia Keng Ho.

    • cc chia permalink

      The password in the Chia family website is a browser cookie password that is in place to prevent search engine robots such as Google and Yahoo from populating all the Chia names (those still alive) on the search results worldwide. Only the generation who are dead members are not password protected.
      Feel free to give the password to bonafide family members. It is as follows:- user= chia password= snoopy2

      You just need to enter the password once on your browser, and it will be activated for one year, or until such time as you reset your browser. Let me know if there are any corrections or changes to your family tree members. Thank you.

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